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Default Something about Purchasing manager/Trưởng phòng mua hàng

Among current management positions, Purchasing Manager is considered to be an industry with long-term growth potential. Therefore, the number of candidates wishing to sit in this position is always increasing. To improve your chances of applying successfully, first of all, invite you and HRchannels to learn something about Purchasing Manager need to know: Requirement, Salary, Skills and More.

I. Tasks of a Purchasing Manager
As the head of the purchasing department, Purchasing Manager has always been highly expected in its ability to find partners who provide quality, good prices, ensure sufficient quantity of goods as required and reduce costs for incorporation.

Here are the key tasks that most Purchasing Manager in every industry must perform:

Developing and implementing purchasing strategies.

Managing daily purchasing activities, supervising staff, and allocating tasks.

Managing supplier relations and negotiating contracts, prices, timelines, etc.

Maintaining the supplier database, purchase records, and related documentation.

Coordinating with inventory control to determine and manage inventory needs.

Managing the maintenance of office / manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Ensuring that all procured items meet the required quality standards and specifications.

Preparing cost estimates and managing budgets.

Working to improve purchasing systems and processes.

Training new employees in the purchasing process and how to use the purchasing system

II. Job Requirement for Purchasing Manager
Economic integration is increasingly integrated, the negotiation and search for sources of purchased goods have gone beyond Vietnam's borders. Therefore, in order to keep up with the trend, employers always set quite high requirements for the position of Purchasing Manager

Degree in business administration, industrial system or a related field.

Experience as a Purchasing Manager in the area in which the incorporation is operating

Understand economic law (Especially about commercial contracts)

Supervisory and management experience.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and purchasing software.

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Strong critical thinking and negotiation skills.

Strong planning and organizational skills.

Fluent in English, priority to know more other languages

At least 3 - 5 years of equivalent position experience

The most important thing is the work experience and achievements brought to the incorporation. The higher the size of the employer incorporation, the greater the benefit, the higher the expectation of the candidate's abilities will be.

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III. Average salary level for Purchasing Manager
According to the online recruitment site, the average salary of a Purchasing Manager is now about USD 1000 every month. Inside:

Lowest salary: USD 304 every month

Highest salary: USD 2400 every month

However, at the purchasing management level, wages are not everything. Incorporation always have attractive bonus and welfare ratios to encourage the working spirit of the Purchasing Manager. Therefore, the person with the high basic salary is unlikely to have a higher total income than the low basic salary, candidates should note this point to consider when negotiating salary with employers.

IV. Important skills when applying to Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Manager must have competence in both professional and managerial skills. And these are the key skills that employers will exploit candidates in the interview process:

1. Excellent negotiation and negotiation skills
Purchasing Manager always strives to get the best quality, best price with the best cost and contract terms for the incorporation. A candidate with excellent negotiation and negotiation skills will be successful in this task.

Therefore, this will be the most important skill through assessment of past performance, case questions during the interview, and effectiveness in the probation process.

2. Outstanding professional knowledge
In order to best manage your budget, Purchasing Manager must possess an outstanding amount of specialized knowledge and market knowledge, including:

Characteristics and source information that incorporation need

List of qualified partners to meet

Price volatility, supply fluctuations ...

All are knowledge to effectively support the negotiation process and direct staff, subordinate purchasing specialists in the process of implementing the plan.

3. Skills of analysis and prediction
Each decision that Purchasing Manager makes is based not only on experience, but also through actual data collected at different economic stages, for example:

Total quantity needed in each stage

Main supply partners, backup partners

Budget for disbursement ...

Therefore, right from the time when sitting on the lecture hall, the specialized analysis software purchased was applied. By the actual working process, the skills of analysis and prediction must be focused on improving.

Every incorporations may use different data analysis software, so candidates only need to have background knowledge in a specific software to facilitate the acquisition of new software upon admission.

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4. Sensitive to capture the market
Managers are better than each other in their agility to grasp trends and changes. For Purchasing Manager, too, business acumen is not to be missed.

This acumen is accumulated from many sources:

Press information, internet

Industry colleagues relationship

Market research team periodically every year

Directly survey the market ...

This is the constant knowledge acquisition process that Purchasing Manager must undertake because acumen is so important to your career success.

5. Effective risk management
As the person directly making decisions, directing implementation and taking the highest responsibility to the management board for the effectiveness of purchasing activities, Purchasing Manager needs to have knowledge of risk management in three aspects:

Deploying purchasing activities

Balance purchasing efficiency between quality and price

Legal in signing purchasing contracts

6. Human resource management is conscientious
Purchasing Manager manages human resources including:

Assign the right people, the right job

Encourage employees to improve their achievements.

Control the process and quality of employees' work

Because purchasing activities are not only concerned with the quality of goods, but also related to the costs that incorporations spend. Therefore, it is necessary to have strict and transparent management.

Purchasing Manager: Requirement, Salary, Skills and More that HRchannels presented above is a practical synthesis, through the consulting process and directly recruiting Purchasing Manager for incorporations. Candidates will have an overview of the requirements that this position sets, thereby, conveniently plan to equip all the skills and qualities for themselves, shortening the time to successfully conquer the Purchasing position. Manager at present and in the future.

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