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Huân Chương Danh Dự

Le Germain, boutique hotel , and office building, with condos across the top.
One of the most unique projects going up downtown.

Smart Technologies Inc. new world hq in NW Calgary near a CTrain station and the U of C.

Driving down Centre Street North into downtown June 19. A dirty rock-chipped windshield!
The Bow is on the left (with 5 cranes). Other cranes include Jamieson Place (2 cranes), Waterfront (3 cranes), and Centennial Place (5 cranes).
crane list (currently 69 June 21 09):

I hope you enjoyed the pics, thanks for having a look.
Montreal - I'm coming to sit in your chairs and eat your food, watch out!
Vancouver - I'll be in the ferry line-up for Bowen Island!
I'll be back in Calgary to volunteer at World Skills starting September 1 and then I'm off to Africa and then back to where I started from - India.
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